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Glen MartinOK, for those of you curious enough to look… time to put all “smoke and mirrors” (and writing in third person) aside. The Christmas Radio Network, all ID’s, announcer parts, formatics, streaming audio service, website, etc. are produced by one person… me.

I’m Glen Martin, a veteran radio guy. My first DJ gig was in 1972 in Salina, Kansas at KSKG.  Then Wichita, Kansas and KEYN, KQAM;  Dallas and KNUS, KLIF and KPLX; San Antonio (every major station in the market from ’81 to ’89) KJ97, Magic 105, KTFM, KZEP.   Finally, back to the city of my birth, Dallas, Texas and KLUV.

The Christmas Radio Network began in 1998, originally as a background music service for my wife’s office.  Specifically, her waiting room. She’s a doctor. Knowing how much she loved Christmas music, I thought it would be a cool idea to create an all Christmas music station for October through the end of December.  This was YEARS before radio stations like KVIL here in Dallas began an all Christmas format after Thanksgiving each year.  (Wonder where they got the idea… hmm).

What a surprise when I started getting hammered with listeners from all over the planet!  I don’t follow stats like I should, but I can tell you that the station first hit ONE MILLION LISTENERS in December of 2007.

All I can say is “it ain’t me… It’s Him!”

Thanks for listening!

BTW, I do freelance video and audio production and web design to pay the bills. Please check out

3 Responses to All About the DJ’s

  1. I didn’t know that there was station out there out that played Christmas music all yr long. This is awesome radio site finally radio for people that enjoy listing Christmas music all yr around. I Listen to anther radio during Christmas but i’m kinda getting board of it this is better.

  2. Love your station. I listen on TuneIn Radio often. What I really enjoy about your station is the ‘live person’ aspect and the history of some of the songs, for example. It is much more than a jumble of songs being recycled, it is like a real radio station that makes a connection w/ the listener. Most of all, thank you for not being shy about stating the ‘Reason for the season’ is none other than the Messiah! May God Most High continue to bless you richly.

  3. Just found this station. I LOVE it! Using and Archos 35 home connect (wifi). My motto is “Everyday is Christmas in my world” Thanks for putting this up for us. (from Minneapolis, MN)

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