Great New Audiobook

The Christmas Radio Network proudly presents a new audiobook by Dr. Victoria Martin, ‘Mimi and Grampa in Kentucky‘. Good Christian fiction for children is hard to find and from the feedback we’ve received, this one is great!

Mimi and Grampa take a vacation to see family in Kentucky and spend a few action-packed weeks with their 3 grand kids, daughter and her husband. Grandsons Charlie and Sam deal with a bully and total creep named Billy Finn, whose antics put Sam in the hospital and cause one of the Middleton’s dogs to go missing.

Share the summer adventure of a trip to a world class museum near Cincinnati and a fascinating visit to the “Creation Museum” where the boys see a life-sized model of Noah’s Ark … and several dinosaurs.

While returning from this great outing, the family encounters a deadly tornado and takes shelter in their local church, which begins a whole chain of life changing events.

Join in on this heart warming, fast paced adventure and discover the mystery of a special angel!

Approximate running time is 4 hours.

Download this CD quality MP3 now for only $9.99


*Proceeds help fund bandwidth for the Christmas Radio Network. Thank you!

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