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42 Responses to Listen

  1. Great to hear ye back thought ye had gone altogether. Happy new year
    Patrick Mc Mullin

  2. I’m an ALT in Yufuin, Japan. I missed the sounds of the holiday season so I found your website. Thanks. I feel like I’m back in the states.

  3. Thank you soooo very much!! It is truly a joy to have your station to listen to this holiday season. All the best to you for a joyous and peaceful Christmas!
    All the best from NYC!!!!
    PS. Do you have the Salsoul Christmas songs? they are very fun and have not heard them on air as yet.

  4. Love the Christmas Music. We live in a small town (Clarin) outside of Ozamiz City, Mindanao, Philippines (PI). We are having our retirement home built and have been in the PI for 4-weeks now. Since we don’t have access to television or the Hallmark Station that we love to watch in Sacramento, CA (where our original home is located), I did some researching on the internet and came across this wonderful Christmas Radio Network which we and the rest of our family members truly enjoy. Merry Christmas to all who are listening to this wonderful station and May The Good Lord Truly Watch Over You Always – Especially At This Time of Season – A Season of Love and Cheer!!!

  5. Hello, love your music. My husband and I are listening to your great web site in CANATLAN, DURANGO, MEXICO. Please play a song for us. “the twelve days of christmas”. and a big Hug for the people in BOERNE, TX. love and miss you all.

  6. Anita in Quebec-Canada

    Hello, please play ‘Aspenglow’ by the wonderful John Denver…Thanks so much

  7. jason in Albuquerque

    very cool music that you wont hear anywhere else! love it!

  8. We have absolutely nothing like this in Australia so THANK YOU for streaming live – it has truly brightened my day!!

  9. Jomari in South Africa

    “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” was a great one haven’t heard it before!!! Had a good laugh…

  10. I am somewhere in Jakarta, Indonesia and surprised to find such all year round christmas song playing radio station, only words of wonder, happiness and joy can tell how great you are! Bravo to X’MAS RADIO NETWORK! No more sorrows and sadness when listening to you. Our sincere thanks to you all the crew of X’mas Radio Network!

  11. THIS IS EPIC! who else can sleep better with christmas songs even though its still october? i know i can :3 thank you. and merry christmas

  12. The Best!!!!-Keep this Great Christmas Music Coming, and lets Call It “CHRISTMAS”-Thank You So Very Much, Tom Tesh, Germanton, North Carolina, 336-661-9672

  13. I LOOOVE this website. I love the music. I love the reason. I love the selection. FABULOUS!!!

  14. Merry Christmas. Jesus is born unto us. Great Music

  15. Excellent mix of Christmas songs! Just discovered your URL
    Will be listening year ’round
    Merry Christmas to All

  16. Thank you, again, for bringing the Christmas spirit into the homes of listeners throughout the world. My request is for “The First Noel” by Johnny Mathis!

  17. Christmas cards preparing for a run
    Homes are lifted with love and fun
    Rejoice as Christ’s birth has now begun
    Intriguing stories for everyone
    Snow begins to show up the sun
    The spirit of Christmas; our hearts it has won
    Mothers try hard to get the lovely dinner done
    After eating so much, you feel a ton
    Special day set out for the birth of Gods son

  18. I just wanted to say hello to all of you out there. I thought I was the only guy out here who loved christmas music at pretty much any time of the year. It’s getting close i hope all of you have a Merry one. Remember why we celebrate this wonderful day. Let’s all try to be the Men and Women He’s given us the Oppurtunity to Be.

  19. Senaka Samaranayake

    Thank you for playing Christmas Music right throughout the year. I love all the genres that you play. I have been listening to this station since year 2000. Some of my friends in Sri Lanka listen to this very station just like I do. It has been a pleasure writing to you again. Keep up the good work and thank you for lifting up my Spirit right throughout the years. :0)

  20. Doc Severinson and The Tonight Show Orchestra did a kickin’ Christmas album several years ago. I remember “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers” as particularly cool. Is that album in your playlist? Oh, ‘love the Paul Harvey readings, too.

  21. The Christmas Shoes- Don’t know the artist Thank You !!

  22. I have to believe that people can change, otherwise I deny the Gospel, and I will not do that.

  23. Love your station, listen to it all year long! Can you play Little Toy Trains, by Glen Caqmpbell?

  24. Could you please play baby it’s cold out side sung by Dean Martin and Doris Day?? I love thier version but any version would do if you can!! Thank you

  25. please jingle bells and rudolf
    great station thanks

  26. Would you play some Burl Ives Christmas songs, Please !

  27. I love to see Germany ..whereabout are you?

  28. Please play a Frank Sinatra one. Thank you kindly.

  29. we are enjoying our Monopoly game and would love to hear any Christmas song by Harry Connic Jr.. and “Where are you Christmas?” Thank you!

  30. Please play “Once upon a christmas” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, my daughter would like to listen to “12 days of Christmas”
    Thanks Merry Christmas

  31. We Need A Little Christmas from Mame (the Broadway Musical)


  33. Hello, Can we hear Hard Candy Christmas -sung by Dolly Parton

  34. please play I want a hippopotamus for christmas

  35. all i want for christmas is you and all i want for christmas is a hippopotamus! PLEASE!!! :)

  36. Hello! Having a great day at work thanks to your Music!!! Can you play a o holy night.. sung by Jewel

  37. We figured out the name of the Karen Carpenter song! Merry Christmas Darling! Could you please play that one for my coworkder Nancy!! We love the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. my coworker NANCY would like to hear a Karen Carpenter christmas song…

  39. I heard the Bells by Casting Crowns

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