New Music

Christmas Radio Network Plays Indies!

Since our inception back in ’98, the Christmas Radio Network has been proud to present dozens and dozens of independent music artists with great new Christmas songs and exceptional covers of traditional Christmas classics and carols!

With close to 30 years experience in terrestrial radio broadcasting, CRN understands how hard it is to get a break and a little airplay without the backing of a major label and major $$.  We have a simple philosophy that corporate radio can’t follow:  “If it sounds good, let’s play it!”

Our New Music section here on the website (still in development), will showcase independent artists and their recordings, along with bio, photos and an opportunity to purchase new Christmas music directly from the artist.

We hope you’ll check back frequently over the next few months as we piece it all together.   And…

If you’re an independent artist with new Christmas material to promote, please contact the Christmas Radio Network asap by clicking here.

Ask us about setting up your own page here on the CRN website to give you worldwide exposure!